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About Us

 Welcome to Vincente Haus Rottweilers. Here on our Website you will learn a little about us and why we picked this wonderful Breed. My wife and I fell in love with the Rottweiler breed because of their loyalty , relaxed personality , and gentleness towards people. They really are Gentle Giants. Another good quality these dogs have is they are not excessive barkers and usually bark for a purpose.  We strive to produce a well rounded , great temperament, and a family oriented Rottweiler. Our Rottweilers are from European bloodlines, producing big heads , great working drive , and a leaner build within breed standards.  Any Breed of dog, especially bigger dogs it is best to be within breed standards and the leaner side for their joints and hips. Our puppies have outstanding looks with big heads and with lots of expression and intelligence.   All our dogs come from  European lines including Germany and Serbia and are picked for their awesome temperaments, beauty, health history and excellent pedigrees.  We don't just look at a dog's looks or pedigree when deciding on breeding, the dog must have a sound temperament. Also, our dogs love their home and spend their days running in the yard, chasing the ball, following us around in the yard and in the woods, even coming to work with us every Friday which is a hair salon where they are around our clients (children and adults). Our dogs are a part of our everyday activities.


Finding appropriate and loving homes for our puppies is very important to us. Our dogs are raised to be loving and loyal family companions. They are what a true Rottweiler is meant to be.  Each of our dogs is given individual attention, care, exercise, and training. Early stimulation and continued socialization are very important to the mental development of puppies. Our Puppies are handled the day they are born, and we socialize them with new smells and noises throughout their 8 weeks here. During their eight weeks here they are closely watched to make sure that each puppy is getting the individual attention that he/she needs to develop properly and that they all have equal opportunity to mother's milk. They get tons of attention from us and our family when they come to visit. At the age of 4 to 5 weeks old, the puppies are taken on short outings where they learn to follow and come when called. We also believe that individual attention away from their littermates is crucial now. We try to spend time with each puppy one on one, to socialize it and to get it used to being away from the littermates. This makes it easier on them day by day.

Rottweilers naturally have a strong temperament and early training makes a difference in their life. It is very important that obedience training is continued when the puppies go to their new homes. We get to know each puppy individually and so that we can recommend them to a home that will be a good match with their individual personalities. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.  In the case where our puppy buyers cannot keep their puppy that they bought from us, we get that puppy or dog back and it is enforced in our contract. We are the ones that bred that puppy and we feel like it is our responsibility in placing it in the proper home.  We have our dogs X-rayed and certified for their hips. We also enforce it in our contracts if buying a working/breeding dog before they are bred.


Breeding any animal is a huge responsibility and should not be done without the proper health clearances, sound temperaments and looks as well as excellent pedigrees. We breed for future show/breeding dogs for our kennels and to bring joy to the lives of others that love the breed. To take good care of our dogs and breed Rottweilers of quality is extremely expensive. Here at Vincente Haus Rotts raising superior puppies that will bring joy into the lives of their new families is our number one goal. Pups are whelped here in our home, my wife and I take great pride in our pups, they are able to receive lots of attention and stimulation throughout the day. Our females also get the best of care, nutrition, supplements and exercise. Prenatal care is very important in raising healthy pups and we make sure that our females are in excellent condition during their pregnancy. It has also been shown that the emotional state of the pregnant female can have a positive or negative effect on the temperament of the puppies. Keeping a female happy, comfortable and secure during her pregnancy is very important to us.


With any working breed, it is important to temperament test and pay close attention to each individual puppy as they are growing. A puppy with extreme working drive is rarely suitable for the typical family home. This type of a dog will require A LOT of stimulation, exercise and training. If they do not receive this type of care they will often develop habits such as chewing, digging or generally being a nuisance. This is not a "bad dog", it is a dog that has been bred for a purpose and when not given a job, they will find their own. A pup with extreme drives will do best in a working or show home where they will be fulfilled and can really shine. We have a male named cash that we have experienced this with, we put a lot of time and effort into training him and has become one of our best dogs. He is very loyal , smart, and listens very well. A puppy with lower drive and a calm and relaxed personality will be an excellent pet for children and typical family living. We hope you find our website very easy to read and understand. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us or email us. We love for people who are interested in our puppies or older dogs to come visit and see our dogs and puppies. We hope you have enjoyed your visit to our website and look forward to giving you a wonderful Rottweiler.

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